About me

Alexander Dillon is one of the people who started GenCap Management, an investment firm based in New York City, New York, that opened in 2021. He has spent his whole career helping businesses grow by giving them money and good leadership. Dillon has put money into dozens of small companies just getting started. He wants to help them grow into significant players in their industries. He also offers customized ways to get much-needed capital through his organizations.

He has more than just investing and trading experience. Last year, he and two childhood friends opened Olar Noso, a restaurant that did very well. The restaurant is in the New Jersey town of Northvale.

Dillon’s time is spent helping charities like the St. Francis Food Pantry. In 2022, he wants to start his foundation.

History of jobs and past work

Dillon worked as a Financial Volunteer at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center after he graduated from the University of Maryland. He did this for four months, and during that time, he helped the accountants at the hospital take care of the money. He also set up payment plans for people.

Dillon started Blackridge Capital, LLC in 2011. Over the next ten years, he turned it into a successful investment firm. He still works at the company as the Chief Investment Officer. Tautachrome, Inc. and Blackridge Capital, LLC signed a term sheet in December 2015, agreeing that Blackridge would buy up to $50 million of the Registrant’s common stock over the next 36 months.

Blackridge Capital helps companies that run hedge funds invest in debt, stocks, and real estate by taking care of their investments. The company focuses on equity, debt, and hybrid financing that can be changed to fit the needs of any company listed on a significant or OTC exchange. They are experts in building structures but look at every chance with an open mind. It works closely with businesses to find the best ways to finance or restructure them.

From May 2011 to May 2013, Dillon was Vice President – Special Situations at MD Global Partners, LLC. This organization is a small investment firm that offers advice on acquisitions and mergers, structured debt, and public equity, among other types of investments.

The investment firm GenCap Management is based in New York City. It focuses on late-stage opportunities before an IPO and long and short investments in global stocks.

Core Skills

Alex Dillon has learned many valuable skills over the years he has been investing in and attending school. Some of these skills are financial modeling, private equity, and investments. He also knows a lot about investing, tennis, watches, fashion, cars, and other things that interest him. He keeps looking for people who want to grow their startups and work with them. He is usually interested in things that happen before IOP.

About your education

Alexander Dillon went to the University of Maryland and got his BA and BS in Economics, Chinese, and Finance. During school, he was a member of the Investment Club and the club tennis team.

Life, hobbies, and other interests

Alex Dillon was born in New Jersey and attended high school at Northern Valley Regional Demarest. After he set up Ventures, LLC, he got married. He lives with his family in Closter, New Jersey, at the moment.

Alexander Dillon likes to play a good game of tennis when he has the time. He also likes to spend a lot of time investing and trading. He has put money into more than 100 businesses throughout his life and continues to do so. He also keeps buying and selling on the markets himself. During his free time, he also works with many charities.

Dillon can talk in English, Spanish, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese.

Notable Events

During Dillon’s life, many important things have happened. One of them was starting and making money with his businesses. Also, opening his restaurant Olar Noso is one of the best things that has happened to him in his life. He has also done important things like go to different events. That means going to the St. Francis Annual Gala and the NYSPCC Gala.